Two More Big Lines

On Saturday we headed out for another incredible day of backcountry skiing and snowboarding. This day was just as epic as the previous day, with two equally long and awesome untracked descents. These past two days have ranked among my best backcountry days in memory.

Backcountry Skiing
Ann Driggers skis down the premier north face descent of this prominent 13er in the San Juans.

The wide open powdery faces provided ample opportunity to haul some serious ass, as seen in my helmet cam video below.
Snowboard Helmet Cam Video
Click here to watch the Quicktime video. (Minus the music here).


Backcountry skiing
Aimee McAbery shreds the “knar”.

backcountry snowboarding
Parker McAbery rockets down the mountain.

snow surfing
After the big summit face, a nice long gully provided a surfy snow halfpipe to carve.

Jumping a creek
Jumping over a creek to access our second big line of the day. This late in the season, a lot of the snow bridges have melted out, leading to some interesting scenarios like this.

steep backcountry skiing
Ann Driggers skis an enormous wide-open steep face that we’ve had our eyes on for years.

powder ski and snowboard tracks
Looking back up at our tracks as Ann carves her way down.

Here’s a few photos that Ann took of me carving down the second line:
backcountry snowboarding
Feeling the G’s.

backcountry snowboarding
Laying back.

As of Saturday, I had really made the most of these latest storms, having been out snowboarding for 4 out of 5 days. During those 4 days, I hiked and rode 7 large descents totaling roughly 15,700 vertical feet of virgin untracked powder. It truly doesn’t get any better than this!

More snow in the forecast…

11 thoughts on “Two More Big Lines

  1. Keep ’em coming, gawd, you are making me jealous/envious, but I am glad you all are ripping it up :). The 2nd to last shot is my FAVORITE – has a Canadian/Alaskan feel to it, and the last shot really shows what an incredible area for lap-dogging this could be :-). Going to watch your .mov file now…


  2. That’s great Jack, now I don’t have leave my house, I can just live vicariously through your lens…………

  3. A totally amazing day and the photos do it justice!! I’m reliving the memories of yesterday, on the couch – the ‘annimal’ is annihilated.

  4. A great series of eye candy, Jack. The first drop-in shot is one the best BC ski-scapes I’ve seen. Awesome!

  5. This blog kicks ass and so does that awesome helmet cam footy. Ive been following your photos on SP for years, you have some amazing shots. Coming out to Red Mtn tonight to do some laps and hopefully ski a peak or two if conditions allow. Thanks for the stoke!

  6. Brilliant! Love the helmet cam work, very nicely matched with the tunes too. I’ve been sitting here smiling watching them over breakfast. Keep ’em coming!

  7. jack,

    enjoyed today’s article by Ann and photo by you in the Sentinel! You’re in all media!



  8. …from the flatlands of the midwest…

    Nice helmet cam work. I like being able to see the shadow profile on snow in front of you. Looks pretty much like a perfect day.



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