Schlossberg, Switzerland, snowshoeing

Shoeshoeing under the rugged west face of Schlossberg (3132m), which rises nearly 4,700 vertical feet overhead.

Claudia and I took a hike up the Surenen valley on Sunday. This is the main valley that continues past Engelberg, quickly becoming deeply entrenched amongst towering glaciated mountain walls, eventually culminating in the massively broad cloverleaf basin of Blacken.

You can see an entirely different view of Schlossberg from higher up here.

Blacken, Engelberg, Switzerland

Here’s a panoramic view of the west side of Blacken, as seen from a small chapel in the center of the basin where we spent an hour or so eating lunch and relaxing in the sun. Titlis is peeking out at the far left.

5 thoughts on “Surenen

  1. What exactly is shoeshoeing? Looks awesome! We miss you Jack! The San Juans miss you! Come home soon……

  2. ….Wine and cheese with a lovely girl and a glowing sunset over the Swiss Alps. Life is good!…
    This is so good, dear Jack!!!!

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