Sunset Above Engelberg

Sunset above Engelberg, Switzerland

Sunset above the town of Engelberg, Switzerland. I hope to have an opportunity sometime this winter to take this shot when everything is covered in a blanket of fresh snow! As you can see, the lower elevations around town are hurting for snow right now, but the upper elevations recently got a decent dump, which you can see below.

Scholssberg sunset, Switzerland

Impressive cliff faces of Schlossberg (3132m).

Dusk light on Gross Spannort, Switzerland

Dusk light on Gross Spannort (3198m), Switzerland.

2 thoughts on “Sunset Above Engelberg

  1. Really fine looking mountains – the vertical relief is staggering! I bet the town doesn’t see many hours of sun with those giants on all sides! I really like the red rock fingers jutting out of Gross Spannort.

    1. You’re right Dave, this time of year Engelberg is mostly in the shade and the snow sticks around for quite a while – with the exception of the sunny south facing slopes. The mountains around here rise up around 2000m (6500 ft) vertical above the valley… pretty impressive!

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