First Days in Engelberg

Engelberg, Titlis, clouds, Switzerland, January

Reissend Nollen Above the Clouds : Prints Available

The sharp, steep ridge of Reissend Nollen (3,003m) towers above the clouds, as seen from Klein Titlis - January.

I have moved into my studio apartment in Engelberg, Switzerland, where I will be spending the rest of the winter! And I have already had my first days on the mountain!

There’s no fresh snow right now, so I’ve just been cruising around on the different lifts and pistes, trying to get a feel for the place. My first impression is that the ski area is pretty BIG, despite looking fairly small on the ski map. There seems to be many options for off-piste skiing, and I know there are a lot of major lines that I can’t see. But this is not a place for carefree exploring, with large cliffs and crevasses on many slopes, not to mention potential avy danger. So a big hope I have is to find some people to ski with, who know this place and can show me the ropes. And that’s the impression I have, is that it will take some time, effort, and guidance to figure out the secrets of this place. Good thing I have all winter for that!

Engelberg, Titlis, Switzerland, clouds, january, Fleckistock

Cloudy Fleckistock : Prints Available

Misty clouds float amongst the peaks around Fleckistock, as seen from Klein Titlis - January.

21 thoughts on “First Days in Engelberg

  1. That ridgeline is insane! Where are my crampons and ice axe?!?! Great shot, Jack. Any snow in the forecast?

    1. Yeah the mountains here are pretty burly… they actually remind me of the Dolomites… but bigger! As far as I can tell there’s not much snow in the near forecast, which is a bummer. This place could really use a foot or two right now!

    1. Yeah… somewhere where there’s big mountains… hahahaa.. I’m sure I’ll be posting more soon, in fact I’ve got some more already that I’ll post here later today!

  2. I’ve met only great people while skiing. Very helpful and very nice. I’m not sure if that is related to how well one fits into their ski/riding pants or how well one takes on the mountain. : )

  3. Oh man, you should see the San Juans right now, absolutely perfect snow.

    J/K. Haven’t been to the Juanies lately, just trying to make you homesick, which I doubt if I could do, seeing where you’re at. Have fun.

  4. Wow, what an awesome view — brilliant work as always, Jack. I see why people always compare the San Juans to the Alps.

    1. Thanks Paul! Yeah there are a lot of similarities. Engelberg seems very similar to Ouray… there’s even a corner of the valley that looks similar to the “Amphitheater” in Ouray. But the mountains here are undeniably huger and gnarlier in general, though not as high.

    1. Thank Jeremy! Hmmm… honestly I have no idea what’s next on the agenda at this point! But yes I would really love to spend a few months in the Himalayas. That’s a whole part of the world I’ve missed out on so far.

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