Snow Peak

Snow Peak, Gore Range, Colorado

I just dug this photo from the dusty depths of my hard drive. I took this sunset shot of Snow Peak (13,024 ft.) way back in March 2004. I was living in Denver at the time, and took advantage of an unseasonably warm spell in March to go winter camping up on this high ridge in the Gore Range, just east of Vail.

One of the great things about the Gore Range is that on the west side of the range there are numerous high points and ridges that are relatively safely accessible in the winter, offering awesome panoramic views of the main spine of the range. Better yet, the west side of the range gets great sunset alpenglow light since there are no large ranges directly to the west. From a photography point of view, sunset shooting is always a bit easier since you don’t have to wake up early, and you can spend the afternoon casually scoping out photo possibilities. On this evening, I had a really fun photo shoot; there were so many photo possibilities in every direction, and the wind-sculpted sastrugi snow formations on the ridge provided lots of interesting foreground possibilities. You can see some more photos from this evening here, here, and here.

2 thoughts on “Snow Peak

  1. Jack, gorgeous photos, you work hard for them and it’s well rewarded…

    I guess that’s if you call winter camping and climbing work, for you it’s more like recreation and the photos are the icing on the cake. I’d give my left arm to be able to take ONE photo like that (have to keep the right one cause that’s my trigger finger side).

  2. Hello, Jack.

    This is one fine light you captured here.
    Love the subtleness of light on the sastrugi snow as well as that glowing peak.
    Very nice work…and it must have been a real pleasure diving into the archives.

    Best Wishes
    Seung Kye

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