Skiing Kismet

On Saturday some friends and I skied/snowboarded down Kismet, a 13,694 foot peak neighboring Mt. Sneffels. A solid overnight freeze, bluebird skies, and perfectly smooth snow made for a dreamy high-speed cruiser descent.

Gilpin Peak
[+] Skinning up Kismet, with Gilpin Peak, also 13,694′, in the background.

Skinning up Kismet
[+] Our group heads up the slopes of Kismet. We skied/rode down this same snowfield later on.

Kismet summit
[+] Arriving at the summit of Kismet. Potosi Peak, 13,786′, in the left-side background.

Mt. Sneffels
The rugged east face of Mt. Sneffels, 14,150′, towers above.

Skiing Kismet
[+] Jeff Skoloda skies down Kismet.

Back in Ouray, as we grilled some brats, drank some beer, and lounged in the sun, it was hard to believe that just an hour or so before we were standing on the snowy summit of a 13,000+ foot mountain! Gotta love springtime.

3 thoughts on “Skiing Kismet

  1. Oh man, what a life. Good friends, great skiing/riding, and great food/drink afterwards. U DA MAN!!

  2. IS the road plowed to the Yankee trailhead yet?
    Did you summit Kismet?

    I’ve skied the couloir facing the center of Yankee Basin and Stony Peak but have yet to make Kismets summit due to deep glop on the ridge… The Couloir was fun on a board, I had to out run a glop slide as we had ridden Cirque, gone to Ouray for supplies and then went for this on a June afternoon in 1999 I think?

  3. Hey Seth, when we went, the road was plowed not quite to the TH, but close enough. Maybe only a half mile not plowed. And yes, I think we summited (not sure what’s the true summit though).

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