Obergurgl, Austria, December

Obergurgl Morning Shadows : Prints Available

Mountains cast their shadows in the snowy Obergurgl valley - December.
Top Mountain Star, Obergurgl, Austria, panorama

Top Mountain Star Panorama

Morning panorama of the snow smothered mountains around Obergurgl, Austria, as seen from the Top Mountain Star hut.


On Monday I left Itay and headed to Obergurgl, Austria. This little ski town is set at the end of a long, deep valley with soaring snow-smothered mountains rising on two sides. Tuesday was a mostly bluebird day and although there was not much fresh powder left, the groomers were wide and smooth, and I spent the whole day riding around the Hochgurgl/Obergurgl ski area checking it out. This place is impressive. It is the most beautiful ski area I’ve ever seen – in the sense that the mountains here are so perfectly suited for a ski resort. The mountains have a certain straight and broad aspect to them without any bottleneck valleys or useless flat ridges, and everything is covered in snow. Basically the entire slope from one end to the other is skiable, and the pistes could have been made anywhere on the mountain. And it’s nice and steep. This place would be mind-blowing on a big powder day… I hope to return sometime this winter!

I took a lot of photos and large-version-panoramas that day… see them below!

Obergurgl, Austria, skier

A skier at Obergurgl dwarfed by enormous snow smothered mountains. 

Obergurgl, Austria, clouds

Obergurgl Clouds : Prints Available

Clouds stream over mountain ridges near Obergurgl.
Hohe Mut Alm, Obergurgl, Austria, panorama
Winter panorama from the Hohe Mut Alm. 


Obergurgl, Austria, clouds

Obergurgl Misty Mountains : Prints Available

Low clouds fill the valleys around Obergurgl. 
Obergurgl, Austria, snowy, clouds, December

Obergurgl Misty Evening : Prints Available

Clouds stream over snowy mountain ridges just before sunset - December.

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  1. Wow! I go away for a bit and come back to some of the awesomest photos ever! You lucky dog, Jack, being in such beautiful places and having the talent to capture them for the rest of us…wait, maybe I’m the lucky dog, getting to enjoy vicariously. Carry on! The alpenglow shots are just gorgeous!

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