The Original Wetterhorn

Grindelwald, Wetterhorn, moonlight, Jungfrau, Switzerland

Grindelwald and Wetterhorn : Prints Available

The nighttime lights of the town of Grindelwald shine in the fog, while Wetterhorn (3692m) towers above in the moonlight - December.

Last weekend we visited the towns of Grindelwald and Mürren in Switzerland. These towns are situated in the Jungfrau region near Interlaken, at the foot of some of the largest and most rugged mountains in Switzerland.

Above is a photo of Grindelwald, with Wetterhorn towering above in the moonlight. Not to be confused with the American Wetterhorn in Colorado… this is the original!

Mürren, panorama, Jungfrau, Eiger, Mönch, Switzerland

Mürren Panorama : Prints Available

The town of Mürren is even more spectacular. It’s a car-free town perched on the edge of a sheer cliff high above a valley (requiring a cable-car ride to get to), with the Jungfrau peaks towering another 8,000 vertical feet overhead! Perhaps the most spectacular mountain town I’ve ever seen!

Mönch, Mürren, Jungfrau, Switzerland, sunset

Mönch Sunset : Prints Available

Sunset alpenglow light on Mönch (4107m) as seen from Mürren - December. 
Eiger, sunset, Mürren, December, Jungfrau, Switzerland

Eiger after Sunset : Prints Available

View of the western side of the Eiger (3970m), with the north face plunging down to the left, as seen from Mürren - December.