Mid Winter in May!

Skiing powder in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado in May

I woke up this morning thinking it was February, with a snowstorm outside! Matt and I went up and skied/splitboarded about a foot of fresh powder.

Snowy trees, Colorado

It’s amazing how wintery it still is up in the mountains, with a full mid-winter snowpack, even at the lower elevations. The spring skiing should be great around here, if spring ever comes.

6 thoughts on “Mid Winter in May!

  1. I would be glad to switch locales with you! 90’s here and humid…….it is going to be a long summer.

  2. Unfreakingbelievable, Jack…I’ve been watching the radar all day in the San Juans and I knew it was dumping. Awesome shots! Are these with the GF-1? You worried about getting moisture inside the camera?

    1. Hey Justin, yes these were taken with the GF1, as all my ski/snowboard shots in the last couple years. I’m not too worried about moisture… I have a little pouch I keep it in, and though the pouch was pretty wet by the end of the day, the camera was fine.

  3. Welcome home, Jack. You photos of the Matterhorn are sublime. Get over by Uncompahgre and get some snowy ones of our Matterhorn.

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