Skiing United States Mountain

Skiing United States Mountain near Ouray, Colorado

As you drive into the town of Ouray on Main Street, you can often see a gleaming snowcapped peak looming up the valley to the southwest – this is United States Mountain. Today we hiked up there and scored a great ski/snowboard descent!

Skiing United States Mountain, San Juans, Colorado

Skier: Sean Hart.

United States Mountain near Ouray, Colorado

A view of the line we hiked and skied/snowboarded. There’s a large couloir hidden amongst the top cliffs, which we ascended and descended.

6 thoughts on “Skiing United States Mountain

  1. I’m a photographer from the Pacific Northwest area. We also have some amazing mountains here in BC, the Yukon and Alaska. The home page image on my website is from the Whistler/Blackcomb area. I really enjoyed your images of the Swiss Alps and the Matterhorn. What an amazing experience you had and the skiing looks fantastic. I wonder if you use a lot of GND filters, polarizer etc. in your images or do you do some post-processing in Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop? Hope you have a great Spring and Summer in the San Juan mountains.

    1. Hi JP, thanks for the compliments! When I shot film, I used GND filters, but with digital I often do dual-exposure blends instead. I also use a polarizer whenever appropriate. I usually do some post-processing in Photoshop – nothing fake, just contrast and color adjustments.

  2. Cool stuff from your endless winter, Jack! It’s great to see the snow is staying white this year – and may it melt slooooowly.

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