Raggeds and Elks

Snowy summit skiing in the Elk Mountains, Colorado, May

Ann, Scott, and I met up this weekend for two days of superb spring lines in the Raggeds and Elk Mountains of Colorado.

Ann Driggers on summit, Colorado

Ann Driggers on a summit in the Raggeds.

Spring skiing in Colorado, May.

Amazing snow conditions… in May!

Hiker skinning silhouette, Colorado

Early morning march.

Snowy summit in the Elk Mountains, Colorado, May

Chilling out on the summit, waiting for the snow to soften, as Capitol Peak dominates the skyline.

Spring snowboarding in the Elk Mountains, Colorado, May

Ann’s shot of me laying out some carves in the perfectly buttery smooth spring velvet. I was able to take this entire 2,000 foot line in one go… Pure bliss!!!

Spring skiing in the Elk Mountains, Colorado, May

Scott cruises the endless rolling slopes of the runout.

Mount Daly, Colorado, May

A look back up at the 3,000+ feet we just descended… so nice.

6 thoughts on “Raggeds and Elks

  1. Way way sweet, missing being in Colorado (am now in Bangkok).. thanks for the great pics and I am looking forward to spring skiing when I get back!

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