Memorial Day Ride

Windy and unsettled weather up on the pass today. We did a nice long route that I’ve had in mind for the last few months. The mountains in this area form big broad basins above treeline, offering mellow skinning up above 13,000 feet. We splitboarded up one basin and rode down an entirely different one.

Skinning above treeline
[+] Fortunately the wind was to our backs during the whole hike up.

Snowboarding down
[+] Once we got off the high ridgeline, the snow was surprisingly smooth and soft. Snowboarder: Parker McAbery.

[+] Parker carves up the spring corn.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Ride

  1. Some great shots, and man, look at that scenery! The 2nd pic reminds of some skiing I did in BC awhile back. Keep the great shots coming, I am battling a knee injury, and living vicariously here 🙂

  2. More of the endless winter! Nice shot of Parker carving there…. and I think I see a little rock showing (finally!) I’m real happy for the ski season you’ve had Jack, but bring on summer!

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