Matterhorn Moonlight

Matterhorn, winter, moonlight, Zermatt, Switzerland

Matterhorn Moonlight : Prints Available

Moonlight illuminates the Matterhorn as a winter storm clears. 
Matterhorn, moon, Zermatt, Switzerland, Cervino

Matterhorn Moonset : Prints Available

The full moon sets behind the Matterhorn (4478m / 14,692 ft.) - March.
Matterhorn, alpenglow, sunrise, Zermatt, Switzerland, Gornergrat

Matterhorn Alpenglow : Prints Available

Sunrise alpenglow paints the summit of the Matterhorn (4478m / 14,692 ft.), as seen from Gornergrat.

The Matterhorn is the icon of icons – easily the most photographed and recognizable mountain on Earth. While I normally try to resist photographing the most iconic, oft-photographed landscapes, the Matterhorn’s magnetic pull is too much for any photographer to resist, especially me!

With a full moon and hopes for a clearing storm, this last weekend Claudia and I splurged for a one-night vacation to Gornergrat, a hotel perched on a high ridgeline nearly 5,000 feet above the town of Zermatt, with an incredible view of the Matterhorn. Though it was snowing as we rode up on the Gornergratbahn rack train, the storm broke shortly after sunset and I was super stoked to catch some photos of the iconic peak in the moonlight!

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Weisshorn, Zermatt, Switzerland, rugged

Weisshorn Dawn : Prints Available

Dawn light illuminates the rugged and symmetrical south face of Weisshorn (14783 ft / 4506 m), as seen from Gornergrat - March.

Overshadowed by the Matterhorn, many of these other spectacular peaks around Zermatt would be the crown jewels of most other mountain ranges!

Gabelhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland, Ober Gabelhorn

Gabelhorn Sunrise : Prints Available

The eastern faces of Ober Gabelhorn (13330 ft / 4063 m) at dawn, as seen from Gornergrat - March.
Gornergletscher, MonteRosa, glacier, Gornergrat, Zermatt, Switzerland

Gornergletscher : Prints Available

Wideangle view of the impressive Gornergletscher (Gorner Glacier) flowing out of the MonteRosa massif, as seen from Gornergrat, high above the town of Zermatt.
Gornergrat, Matterhorn, Pennine Alps, Zermatt, Switzerland


The hotel and observatory at Gornergrat boast an amazing view of the Matterhorn and the Pennine Alps surrounding Zermatt.
Gornergrat, Gornergletscher, glacier, panorama, Zermatt, Switzerland

Gornergletscher Panorama : Prints Available

Panoramic view of the Gornergletscher (Gorner Glacier), with the MonteRosa massif and the Matterhorn at far right, as seen from Gornergrat.