11 thoughts on “Hahnen Moon

  1. Awesome shot! Wow, you picked the perfect winter to be away. What little snowpack we have is melting faster than ever. It’s depressing.

  2. Jack… this is one of your best from the trip… love it… may be it is intentional but this image is not linked to your gallery? Thank you for bringing Europe in a whole new way to us. Love the new design…simple , elegant, really shows off your work.

    1. Thanks Rajeev, I’m glad you like this photo! Funny thing is that I wasn’t even thinking about the moon when we went up to this spot for the sunset… but as you can imagine I was pretty stoked when I saw that first sliver of moon rising over the ridge in the perfect spot to the left of the peak!

      I just updated the post to link the photo to the gallery. Also, thanks for the comments about the new site design! I like it too! 🙂

  3. Having the last surname of Hahnen, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your photo of Mt. Hahnen! Beautiful! Thank you.

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