Lonely Litmolla #2

Svolvær, Lofoten Islands, Norway

Here’s another 4×5 photo “from the vault.” This is Litlmolla island, near the town of Svolvær in the Lofoten Islands, just north of the Arctic Circle. Taken in August of last summer, during a six week trip through Norway.

#2, you ask? Here’s “#1.” When I first edited my photos after the trip, I chose to post #1 in my gallery, probably because I initially preferred the warmer light on the island and horizon. However, a year later as I look at the two again, this one here is clearly my favorite. I prefer its subtle tones and softer colors, and as a whole it has a lot more feeling to it. As an extra bonus, #2 was shot on large format film (#1 was from a much smaller resolution digital camera).

A photographer friend of mine Dave is traveling somewhere over there right now… I’m looking forward to seeing his photos after he gets back.

4 thoughts on “Lonely Litmolla #2

  1. This is fantastic!

    Though the first Litlmolla is a marvellous sight,
    this one has certain qualities, like the subtle, uniform light, that really enhances the shapes of the island and mountains in the background.
    I can only imagine looking at the final print.

    Was there a particular reason why you used different cameras
    for the two photographs? Just curious.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Best Wishes
    Seung Kye

    1. Thank you for your comment, Seung Kye! The reason I used two cameras for these shots is because during the first shot I had my 4×5 set up and pointed in another direction during the actual sunset, so I was moving around and taking lots of other photos (like #1) with the digital while the 4×5 was waiting for the best light (Yes, I actually carried two tripods with me!) After the sunset when I packed up all my camera gear, I noticed the nice dusk light so I set up the 4×5 once again and took one last shot – the one above.

      Interestingly, that last shot ended up being the only 4×5 shot from that night that I liked! The other photo (http://www.widerange.org/photo/austvagoya-sunset/) didn’t turn out so well on film, and I ended up using my digital version of that one instead.

      Life is certainly easier now that I’m only using one camera system, not two!

  2. The many moods of Lofoten…I’ve seen a few and even know how to pronouce it! Both are really nice and I have an even greater appreciation for what you accomplished in six weeks. I once thought that was a long time, but there’s SO much beauty over there! And you haven’t lived until you’ve had smoked salmon, creamed herring, eggs, and brown cheese – all in the same breakfast. Oh yeah, both of these are fantastic images!

    1. Loo-FOO-ten. Right? Geez, I’m already forgetting. I had the hardest time pronouncing the Norwegian words/places.

      Dave, I hope you’re hard at work on your photos from Norway… I’m patiently waiting…

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