Teton Reflection

Teton Reflection, Wyoming

Here’s a photo I just dug up from the archives, taken back in August 2006 during a 4 day backpacking loop hike in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. This photo was shot with the large format 4×5 film camera, with a 135mm lens. Seeing this makes me want to get back to Wyoming again for a summer backpacking trip!

3 thoughts on “Teton Reflection

  1. Man this is a gorgeous spot and amazing image, I was actually google earthing the tetons the other day looking for some good spots to shoot found a lake and thought, wait this has got to be where Jack shot his Misty Teton shot. Think it would be a good possible late fall/early winter trip? You haven’t by chance ever been up to Delta lake have you? Thought that might be another neat place in the fall/winter.

    1. Thanks Jeremy! Yes, this is a pristine location requiring a good amount of bushwhacking to reach. Found it by examining maps… (before I started using Google Earth for these things). It could be pretty amazing after the first snows, but before the water freezes over. I have not been to Delta Lake but it looks great from what I’ve seen.

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