7 thoughts on “Winter Photos in May

  1. You’ve been living the endless winter, Jack! Great shots! It’s been nice to live vicariously through this year’s bone-dry New Mexico winter. Glad I’ll be running the Yampa soon and benefiting from some Colorado snowpack.

  2. These are really amazing photos. Did you really use a GFI 20mm lens with an aperture of f/10? I have my own Canon PowerShot S95 that has 10.0 million effective pi, 3.7x zoom lens, F2.0 – F4.9 Aperture Range and an Double noise reduction system plus 720P video recording. This camera may have its issues but I really love the high phot quality it gives.

    Just saying 🙂

  3. Talk about photos that can make you marvel at how magnificent this planet that we live in is. Hope shots like this can make more people aware that everyone must do his or her bit in the earth’s preservation.

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