13 thoughts on “Two from Sneffels

  1. Jack,

    I just have to laugh…you wasted no time getting back into your beloved San Juans! I’m sure you were thrilled to be back up in the midst of those peaks you know so well. Which camera did you take these with?

  2. Now you just need to ride the Snake Couloir!. A bit more spicy with a cornice drop at the top. Lavendar Col. was suncupped badly last time I was up there.

  3. Justin – It felt great to get back up high in the SJs! I brought the little Panasonic GF1 for this outing. Both these photos here are two-shot stitches.

    Scott – Yeah, the Snake looks fun! I’ll get around to it someday…

  4. Great photos. What are you using to stitch, photoshop? Sad to see the dust starting to creep out. Hopefully that will change with more snow this week!

  5. Back in the saddle, eh? Thanks for the sweet views of the high San Juans… I can’t wait for some of that snow to melt so regular folks can get up there 🙂

  6. These are both superb, Jack. The stitching looks great and I love the color and detail. Looks like a nice amount of snowpack up there as well. Great to see you back “at home”.

  7. Wow! Did that lift my spirits! I love those mountains, it’s hard to believe you got up there in all that snow! Thanks for sharing such beauty.

  8. Just spent a few days in my little camp trailer at Ridgway State Park. It was warmer than Moab!

    Beautiful pics, lotsa snow, glad you’re back.

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