To Norway!

Tomorrow morning I take off to Norway for six weeks! I have no itinerary but my rough plan is to head north from Oslo, traveling mostly up the coastline checking out the mountains, fjords, and towns along the way. My main destination is the Lofoten Islands, a series of rugged islands with little fishing villages surrounded by towering peaks that soar straight up out of the ocean like symmetrical granite pyramids.

I am renting a car for the entire six weeks. This is kind of an idiotic thing to do in a country that has one of the most advanced public train networks in the world; however, having a car will enable me to haul around all my large format camera gear and all my camping gear.

While I’m there I plan on updating this blog with my latest adventures and stories, so be sure to check back often to see what I’m up to! In the meantime, check out all this great Norwegian (and Swedish) music, below the fold:

Kings of Convenience:

Whitest Boy Alive: (well partly Norwegian)


And since I’ll be headed to Sweden too at least for a short while, here’s some Swedish tunes:

The Knife:

Little Dragon: