Columbine Lake Overnighter

Columbine Lake Moonlight

I was fortunate to be able to squeeze in one last backpacking trip this week before I take off for Norway on Saturday. I camped up at Columbine Lake, a high alpine lake situated at 12,685 feet elevation, among the rolling tundra in the mountains between Silverton and Telluride. Though just a quick one-night trip, I had a lot of fun shooting photos and I think I came away some good ones.

I am getting really excited for my trip to Norway, but it’s still tough to leave Colorado right as it’s getting into the beautiful summer primetime here.

>>See more photos from the Columbine Lake camping trip here!

13 thoughts on “Columbine Lake Overnighter

  1. #1132 and #1133 are sweet and the rest are really nice too. What a good last CO trip before Norway. So, how long will you be gone? I’m already looking forward to your photos. How do you like the long exposures with the E-620, assuming these were taken with it?

  2. Thanks Justin,
    I’ll be gone for 6 weeks… woohoo! As for the E-620, so far I think it does a great job with long exposures, noticeably better than the E-420. The images are pretty clean, as you can sort of tell from the above picture. Perhaps they’ve improved the noise-reduction flow of their image processor? I don’t know, but I like it.

  3. Way cool, love those moonlight shots and your flower shot with harsh sun was GREAT!!!! Norway, I am jealous – have a great time, cant wait to see your pics


  4. I have not seen Columbine Lake in my hiking books. Where is the trail head (roughly speaking), what is the level of skill for the hike, and how long is the hike?

    Thanks for the amazingly beautiful photos.

    1. Hi Alethea, the TH starts from the south side of Red Mtn Pass, below the pass. Basically it is an unsigned TH that leaves from a side road that branches off Ophir Pass after a short distance. Hard to explain, but it’s shown on the maps. It’s kind of a long day hike, but nothing too terribly strenuous.

      1. Thanks so much Jack. I love the way you photograph your wife/girlfriend? You are really good at capturing the essence of how it feels to experience those moments in nature. Keep ’em coming…

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