Timp Dayhike

Hiking Mt. Timpanogos from the Aspen Grove trail

On our way back from the Sawtooths, on Tuesday Claudia and I did a day hike up Mount Timpanogos, the most famous and beloved mountain in the Wasatch Range in Utah. We started from the Aspen Grove trailhead, and our leisurely tour took us 9 hours up and down.

The summit of Mt. Timpanogos, Utah

Looking up at Timp – the summit shelter is just barely visible at top right.

See some more photos below!

Hiking up Mt. Timpanogos, Utah

The views from the ridge are grand, looking out over Utah Lake and the city of Provo. I had to laugh when Claudia’s first reaction upon seeing the view off the west side (shocked to see the big city below) was a sour “Ewww…”

Hiking Mt. Timpanogos summit ridge, Utah

Hiking along the ridge after the summit, looking at the Timp Glacier which we would use as a quick descent route.

Sliding down the Mt. Timpanogos glacier, Utah

The only way down the Timp Glacier is to slide down the steep face on your butt! I takes some nerve to jump down into it, but Claudia did it like a champ.

Hiking under a waterfall on Mt. Timpanogos, Utah

Hiking behind one of the many waterfalls on the down.