Strolling Around Prague

Charles Bridge in Prague
Portal from the Charles Bridge in Prague. The Vltava River flows underneath while rivers of tourists flow over it.

Here’s a mostly-random, not-at-all-comprehensive collection of pictures taken while wandering around the old city of Prague in the Czech Republic this week with Claudia, her sister, and her sister’s boyfriend. Good times!

St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague
St. Vitus Cathedral, in the Prague Castle, was founded in 1344 and finally completed in 1929, nearly 600 years later.
Museum of Communism poster, Prague
We didn’t actually visit this museum, but did manage to see two Alphonse Mucha exhibitions – one of my favorite printmakers and artists of all.
Free Wifi, Great Beer
Not actually free, but there’s no shortage of great cheap beer to be had in Prague!
Park in Prague
Although I’m always impressed by the architecture and history of European cities, my favorite spots always tend to be the parks. Prague has a big park above the town, a quiet place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle for a while.
Trdelnik sweet bread
Trdelnik sweet bread, wrapped around a spit and roasted over coals. Delicious… and mesmerizing!
Birds over Prague
Birds fly over a tower at the Charles Bridge in Prague.
Sunset in Prague
Sunset in Prague