Spring Green

Green Aspens
I got out for a nice hike this morning up to Weehawken Creek, just outside Ouray. Everything is so green up there; it seems summer is pretty much here in the mountains.

Green Aspens closeup

Camp Bird Road, Ouray, Colorado
United States Mountain, as seen from Camp Bird Road near Ouray, Colorado.

3 thoughts on “Spring Green

  1. Jack,

    These are all quintessential-esque shots of Colorado summer…excellent job! I like all of them.

  2. great shots. i plan on heading up to crested butte this week for the same thing. hope i get lucky!!

  3. These are great shots, Jack. I have to admit, I have been a little uninspired by a lot of the winter(sports) shots recently (even though I’m an avid ski-boarder myself).

    Keep on clickin’

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