One From Ridgway

Rainbow sunset in Ridgway, Colorado

A sunset snapshot from my friends’ backyard in Ridgway, Colorado this evening. The clouds and rain (and associated weather cinema) came back yesterday and today after several weeks of bluebird sunny skies. Unfortunately* the forecast is calling for a return of more sunny weather for the next few weeks.

*Unfortunate for photography; fortunate for hiking/hunting/any-other-outdoor-activity.

7 thoughts on “One From Ridgway

  1. Now that one I really like – one could just take off for a nice walk into that field. Reminds me of the summer I spent down there two years ago – every day I’d take my dogs down to the river for some stick-catching, we had a blast, even saw a bear one time. That same storm came through Grand Junction yesterday (where I’m spending a few days) and the sunset was stupendous, but you couldn’t see much of it because of all the buildings. Very frustrating. But your photo makes up for it. If I had a house, I’d want a copy of that one to hang on the wall, it really gets you out there and in a very mellow way. And you can feel the touch of autumn with the blooming rabbitbrush, for sure.

    1. Thanks Chinle, glad you like this one! It was raining hard all afternoon, then cleared up right before sunset! I was wishing I had my telephoto lens to be able to zoom in on the rainbow and misty clouds.

  2. Hmm…. this place looks soooo familiar to what we see here in north Patagonia. It’s amazing how such remote places look in a very similar fashion.
    Good catch.

    1. Yeah I’ve got to check out more of northern Patagonia. I passed through briefly in winter of ’02, but that was during a snowboarding trip. I think I’d dig it there in the summer, with all the lakes and forests. Not so barren as southern Patagonia, or the higher Andes up north.

  3. Nice backyard! The weather’s been really bumming me out too lately. Yesterday would have been great, but it was one of the few days lately I couldn’t have gotten away. Grrr… I really need to get out for mental health purposes, but I’m afraid I’ll have to be resigned to a scouting trip.

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