New Zealand Gallery Is Live!

New Zealand photos

Somehow I’ve managed to sort through over 3200 photos in less than a week since I’ve been back! I’ve posted my favorite photos from my New Zealand trip on my gallery site… check it out!

The first few days back in Colorado I was whupped by the altitude and jetlag, or some nasty combination of the two. I’ve never really felt affected by the altitude before, but this time it nailed me good. Anyhow, during those days I just rested and made some good progress on my photos. Since then I’ve spent some really late nights plowing through them. Funny how it’s nearly impossible to resist this… it’s almost as fun as taking the photos!

Anyhow, enjoy the photos.

11 thoughts on “New Zealand Gallery Is Live!

  1. Unfreaking believable Jack…you have captured some amazing moments in time. Thanks for getting these out so fast.

  2. Hey Jack…I’m loving these NZ photos. A friend of mine referred me to your blog which I’ve followed routinely since. My wife and I spent 7 weeks in NZ at the beginning of ’07 and it’s been great to see it from your perspective. I really love the panos and the stars above the clouds shot is fantastic as well. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. I’m “BubbaE1” from by the way. I always try to point out your new work there for all the Olympus naysayers. I saw your post on there so I thought I’d mention who I am on there too. So, more snow for Ouray?

  4. The BEST collection from a single trip since……..EVER! Congrats for bringing the beauty of NZ to life with such a “wide range” of landscape imagery. You’re killin’ me!

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