Lehman Caves

Lehman Caves

Here’s a couple shots from inside Lehman Caves, in Great Basin National Park, eastern Nevada.

Lehman Caves

Both shot handheld (no tripods allowed) with the Panasonic GF1, f1.7, ISO 1600.

Wheeler Peak

This is what it looks like above ground, with the 13,063 ft. Wheeler Peak (on the right) dominating the scene. We had hoped to climb and ski a sweet 3,000 foot couloir in the morning, but our plans were thwarted by high winds and stormy weather. I will be back here again, next time with my downhill skateboard (you’ll know why if you’ve been there!).

By the way, I was very impressed with the whole northeastern region of Nevada, with its vast pristine sage-filled valleys and rugged snowy mountain ranges. It’s an often overlooked portion of the west, but well worth a visit.

3 thoughts on “Lehman Caves

  1. Far out, man! Pretty cool cave shots that would be togh to do without your fast lens and sweet little camera. I’m curious – are there handrails that you can use for support to stabilize the camera? That’s a tough situation and both images look great!

  2. Ha – once again we’re just west of you, hanging out in Cave Lake state park. I did think about the split board in the trail when I looked up at Wheeler…

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