Highline Trail

Yesterday evening we hiked the Highline Trail, out of Telluride, Colorado. After having a late lunch and farting around in Telluride for a while, we started hiking at 4pm. I knew we would watch the sunset somewhere along the way and be hiking a bit in the dark, but what I didn’t realize is that the trail is 13 miles long, and 3,600 feet elevation gain! So, we got back to the truck with weary legs at 10:30pm. Maybe I’m getting old (I hate it when people say that, but I just did), but my legs/knees just can’t take that much hiking in one day anymore. I’m totally worked this morning. Anyhow, here are a couple photos from the sunset:

Alpenglow above Telluride, Colorado

Alpenglow on the peaks above the town of Telluride (which is not visible, but is down in that valley below those big peaks).

sunset and aspens

Sunset behind aspens. Wilson Peak and the San Miguel Range are in the background. You can also see Mountain Village at the left.

8 thoughts on “Highline Trail

  1. Can I have your job! BTW your work tangentially reminds me of the work of Richard Long and Hamish Fulton. Not that you have such High Art ambitions, but the documentation of your journeys, and the fact that you make so many, is similar. In his 60s, Hamish Fulton recently climbed Mt Everest.

    We’re gettin old too. When we take our kids camping in the Sierras we can no longer stand those lightweight sleeping pads. Aero-beds all the way now! Otherwise, we wake up stiff and crotchety.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Andrew! Being the art-history-blockhead that I am, I had to google those two artists. Looks like they walk a lot but the rest is over my head. sigh…

  2. Spectacular work Jack, thanks for sharing.
    Nice to see so many living trees over West also. I hike around in the East Weminuche, above Pagosa, and the Spruce are completely ravaged.
    I understand they are heading West. I haven’t been over there in a while, need to go soon, I will miss those beautiful old green friends.

    1. Sorry to hear about the trees dying in the East Weminuche. It’s such a tragedy in Colorado… I hope the beetles don’t make it over to the Ouray side. Hopefully we’ll have a long subzero winter.

  3. Hey, it’s not just this long hike that’s making your knees and legs sore! It’s the 14er you climbed the night before, and hm….., maybe the 7 day backpack trip the days before that. How’s Claudia doing? I must admit I love reading about and seeing all that you’re accomplishing…..from the comfort of home!

  4. Looks like it was a great hike… love that second one with the trees. Stop farting around Jack… keep hiking..we want to see San Juans through your eyes 🙂

  5. My husband is still wanting to do that hike, but 13 miles sounds too long for me! We did make it up to the Lewis Mine this summer. It was only 8 miles round trip.

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