Hefty Sak Cinch

Big couloir off Jackson Hole

Today I met up with some new snowboard buds to ride a heavy duty couloir off Jackson Hole ski area. The massive terrain had a few dicey sections in store for us, but we made it through alright and scored endless powder turns along the way. Rider: Patrick Grady.

6 thoughts on “Hefty Sak Cinch

  1. Hey Kane, yes this is some serious avy terrain – not a place to be in sketchy conditions.

    Justin, my friend says that people do climb that face in the summer! It was a pretty impressive place to ride through.

  2. Jack, I was checking out your website and now I know who to blame for all the snow/winter we’ve had. Arctic Oscillator, no, Jack Brauer, yes.

    “May the snow gods be generous this winter!”

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