Rugghubel, Rugghubelhütte, Switzerland, Engelberg, Alps

Rugghubelhütte : Prints Available

The Rugghubel alpine hut sits on a snowy ridge above Engelberg, with a hazy Swiss Alps backdrop - February.

Yesterday I hiked up to the Griessental valley, a photogenic alpine valley that I vowed to return to after seeing it the first time during the Brunistock traverse a few weeks ago. This valley is directly above the town of Engelberg; in fact you can see the Rugghubelhütte (above) from town!

Griessental, sunset, Switzerland, alpenglow

Griessental Sunset : Prints Available

Alpenglow light illuminates the snow-filled valley of Griessental, February. 

See a wider version of this one here (Tough to decide which one I prefer).

Ruchstock, Hasenstock, Switzerland, moonlight

Ruchstock Moonlight : Prints Available

Full moon light illuminates Ruchstock (2812m) and Hasenstock, February. In this 30-second exposure, at the left is the last light of dusk, and at the right is the glow of city lights under low cloud cover.

16 thoughts on “Griessental

  1. Man, Jack, these are sweet. The light is absolutely stunning. I think I like the wider version of the valley you posted…in case you were wanting input.

    1. Thanks Justin! Yeah I’m torn between those two versions… The first, more cropped, version has more immediate impact with the way it fills the frame with color. But the second one has more space and more to explore with the eyes (especially when viewed larger), and it shows a more full sense of the scene.

      Claudia agreed with you: “To me the wider version seems to be more interesting. The focus of the first version lies more at the sun, it´s burning your eye…. to me the wider version focusses more on the mountains in the amazing light and sunset, which I like more…”

      I don’t like posting nearly identical versions of photos in my galleries, but I can’t seem to decide on this one!

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