Grand Mesa

golden aspens on Grand Mesa, Colorado

I spent several days this last week on the Grand Mesa, relaxing and fly fishing with my dad. This was my first time visiting the Grand Mesa… it’s really a beautiful place, kind of like being in the mountains, minus the mountains. Here are some photos!

Grand Mesa sunset reflection

Dusk reflection in one of the many lakes (well, reservoirs mostly) on the Grand Mesa.

orange aspens on Grand Mesa, Colorado

Amazing variety of autumn colors in the vast aspens fields along the south side of the mesa.

red aspen tree

Even red!

3 thoughts on “Grand Mesa

  1. Looks like you got some of the smoke from the Twitchell Canyon fire over by Beaver, Utah. It really knocked Moab out for a week or more, really bad smoke. I’ve always thought Grand Mesa was kind of a sleeper place, you know, just crying out for the right photographer to capture its quiet beauty. Nice job.

    1. Yeah I noticed the haze got progressively worse each day. I could see where the actual smoke was coming from on my drive off the mesa the last day.

      Quiet beauty is a good way to describe Grand Mesa. Nothing too terribly spectacular, but beautiful everywhere.

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