Golden Autumn

yellow aspens, Colorado

It seems to be a banner year for fall colors around the San Juans! I can’t remember seeing such a wide variety of colors in the aspens before… yellows, oranges, reds, and even a few mystical purple ones. Lots of healthy aspens this year. Also, the weather has finally returned, with lots of clouds and dustings of snow on the peaks. Woohoo! Here’s some photos from the aptly named Fall Creek today.

Woods Lake, Colorado

Colorful aspens reflected in a lake, Colorado

9 thoughts on “Golden Autumn

  1. Love that first one, Jack! Ahhh, this is the Colorado I love and miss so much. It’s actually been cool here in the Austin area…high 40s at night!

  2. Sweet Jack! Nice colors in maine..errr Ouray this year. I really like the rich textures to go with the mixture of colors in your lead-in shot!

  3. Jack, stunning work. I’m running out of superlatives for your photos. When I tell my friends, I just give them the link to your website, words are insufficient. 🙂

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