Goodbye Glacier!

St. Mary Lake, Wild Goose Island, Glacier National Park, Montana, stars, shooting star

Saint Mary Stars : Prints Available

Stars and a shooting star over St. Mary Lake and Wild Goose Island.  The clouds are illuminated by the lights of the town of Apgar on the west side of the range.

Our last night in Glacier National Park: sitting by Saint Mary Lake, drinking wine, reminiscing about all our recent adventures and dreaming about more to come. All in all, it was a great trip – we packed in a lot of adventures during our three weeks away. In fact, except for the big driving days, we hiked every single day of the trip! Now we’re happy to be back home in the San Juans where thankfully it’s been raining nearly every day while we were gone, ending the drought that spurred us north to Montana three weeks ago.

10 thoughts on “Goodbye Glacier!

  1. So Jealous of your trips! Absolutely stunning photos. I’ve always wanted to somehow get a sunrise shot from that Pigeon pass area, I wonder what the technicalities are when it comes to what’s defined as “camping”. Again, beautiful photography as always.

    1. Thanks Jeremy! Yeah we had the same thought when we were up there on Piegan Pass – would a bivy technically constitute “camping”?? 🙂 Probably nobody would know in any case!

  2. Hey Jack,
    Enjoyed your updates and great photos from your trip. THANKS! Appreciate the info as well about snagging permits and such. Welcome home!

  3. Dude, Looks like an awesome trip. Glacier has been one of my favorite destinations on fire assignments. Next time, check out the Bob Marshall Wilderness just to the South by Hungry Horse. It is a killer place where very few people go. Spent a month up there doing “cabin protection” on a fire use fire. You guys will have to come out and check out the Sierras next. I have been scoping backcountry lines everyday!

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