Gold & Snow

Hiking in the Aspens, Colorado

The aspens up on Red Mountain Pass are going off right now! Today we went on a fantastic loop hike almost entirely through these golden cathedral forests.

Aspens, Red Mountain Pass, Ouray, San Juan Mountains, Colorado, September

Orange Aspens : Prints Available

First snow

We were surprised when it started snowing – the first snow of the year! Claudia was a bit dismayed… I was delighted! We sat under a pine tree for a while, mesmerized by the fat flakes drifting down.

Hiking above Red Mountain Pass, Colorado

The snowstorm passed quickly and the sun came out, melting the new snow within about 15 minutes. We continued on our way and eventually after a bit of easy bushwhacking found an old overgrown mining trail that offered a nice loop down through a different aspen-filled ridge.

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  1. Oops I meant that comment for the second set of photos down from the top of the page. Those trunks are just stunning.


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