Flying Squirrel People

This video has me pumped. Not because I would ever do this sort of thing, but because of the incredible Norwegian scenery these guys are jumping off of. As some of you may know, I am traveling to Norway this summer for six weeks! I actually bought my plane tickets way back in January, which was probably too early since I’ve been fairly obsessed about it since. I can’t wait.

I have no other news. This spring has been a big disappointment here in the San Juans; the dust storms of last month have destroyed the snowpack. Not only is the snowboarding season finished two months too early, but the snow looks so ugly that I don’t even want to do any photography in the mountains. The upside is that I’ve gotten LOTS of work done!

In about a week I’m headed up to the Tetons for a week of riding big lines there, where the snow is [hopefully] untouched by the desert dust.

5 thoughts on “Flying Squirrel People

  1. Hey Jack,
    Gawd, this looks like FUN!!! Also, have a great time in the Tetons, look forward to your pics!

  2. Dude!
    If you are gonna die, this is the best way to do it(:
    skidding across the mountain side like an eagle!
    I’m skydiving for years (slowly – low budget) but I’m no way near the level of doing that..maybe one day!

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