A Change of Pace

Ko Kradan, Thailand

So. We were in Nepal. We are now in Thailand!

We originally planned to spend two whole months in Nepal doing two long back-to-back treks in the Himalaya. Good plan in theory. Well, after our first 20-day trek through the Everest region, despite how awesome it was we realized that doing another equally long trek was clearly not in the cards. That left us (after our shorter Annapurna trek) with roughly three weeks to spare, and we certainly weren’t going to spend three weeks dodging traffic in Kathmandu. Hmmm… what to do.

How about something completely different? After a day of googling and researching, we had our tickets to Thailand booked!

What a fantastic change of pace it’s been; and so surreal going from mountains and glaciers to beaches and warm waters. We spent a week in the Krabi area, famous for its unique limestone pinnacles towering over white sand beaches and jade bays. We’ve boated south now to the Trang region where the islands are surrounded by calm turquoise water. We have a few more days to melt in the heat here, then the Asian part of our trip is just about over and we head back to Germany to visit family and friends over the holidays.

Stay tuned for a big batch of tropical paradise photos coming in January.

11 thoughts on “A Change of Pace

  1. This is great! I saw the beach picture and I did a double take to check the website my browser had gone to! Can’t wait for the whole story!

    1. Thanks Bill! I hope our house is still standing… hehe… We’ve been following your epic saga on FB, so crazy. What can I say? You ‘da man and we wish you the best.

  2. Jack, I find your work so inspirational. It is brave, courageous & beautiful how you devote your life to capturing the majestic elements of our planet. Thank you for providing such awe-inspiring work. My students & I, many of whom are photography majors, thank you for the opportunity to see your work & follow your travels through the website. Keep it up.

  3. Awesome!!! Good change of plans (I first encountered warm waters and coral reefs 3 years ago – Now I am hooked – a yearly trip is a nice contrast to mountains and snow!)

    1. Hi Jim, yes we have been totally digging it here in Thailand. I don’t think I could much more time in a place this hot but it sure is a nice novelty after the mountains!

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