Woods Lake

orange aspens at Woods Lake, Colorado

I returned to Woods Lake near Telluride yesterday to shoot more of the great aspen colors there, prepared to camp in my truck for the night. Except that I forgot my sleeping bag! D’oh! Determined to stick with my plan, I bundled up in two down jackets and three pants layers and actually got a somewhat decent night’s sleep. It was mostly for naught, though, since the skies were clear and boring this morning. The photo above was from the late afternoon when a little patch of light shone through the clouds right before some impressive thunderstorms rolled in and stayed for half the night.

6 thoughts on “Woods Lake

  1. I tried to take this exact shot a week earlier. But I had harsh sun so it didn’t come out as nicely. I also didn’t have all those reds! I was a week early. My image can be seen on my site under Fall 2010 gallery.

    1. I enjoyed browsing your gallery, Ben. It’s interesting how similar our shots were composed! And how much those colors had changed.

      Yes, we finally had a week of cloudy, stormy weather after those blue skies that lasted so long. The cloudy skies certainly let those colors come out in the photos.

  2. Thanks Jack. I sadly watched the clouds rolling in as I drove back East. You must love living out there, at least from an outdoor activity and photography perspective! Ouray is a magical place. (and by the way, if you haven’t tried the pulled pork at the Ouray Brewery, you are missing out. I went back for it twice while I was there!!)

    Thanks for inspiring me with all your beautiful work!!

    1. Yeah I love it here… so many mountains in my “backyard”! And I have heard about that pulled pork but haven’t tried it yet! Maybe tonight… I love the beer there! I just dropped off a couple skiing prints the other day which will be hanging in there.

      I know numerous photographers who spent all week here under the bluebird skies then left right when the storms came in on Monday… Bummer! I tried getting out a lot during that stormy week, but missed the best light moments, unfortunately. Much of the time it was also too stormy to really shoot. It’s tough!

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