Too Cold

backcountry snowboarding in Wyoming

backcountry snowboarding in Wyoming

Rider: Jason King. Today we repeated the nice route that we did on Saturday. The two north-facing descents were perfect mid-winter-esque powder goodness; however, hiking up along the ridgeline involved some suffering in perhaps the coldest temperatures I’ve ever experienced. Dangerously cold. Too cold for human beings in their right minds, I think. But we persevered and scored some sweet pow lines… along with a bit of frostbite.

3 thoughts on “Too Cold

  1. Damn Jack, sounds brutal – I think whiskey works for frostbite. Best to thaw those things from the inside 🙂

  2. Grand Junction set a record last night of minus 16, don’t know what Ouray had, but I can guarantee it was cold.

    I’m snowed out and snowed in in Glenwood Springs. Stay warm, pardner, up in those Wyoming peaks.

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