To Jackson Hole!

Cowboy Death Gap

In a couple days I’m moving up to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the winter! I’m looking forward to LOTS of snowboarding, as well as some winter photography in and around the mighty Teton range. And while I will surely miss my friends in the Ouray area, hopefully they will come up and visit me! And hopefully the San Juans won’t have a bigger winter than the Tetons, or I’ll never hear the end of it.

If you’re wondering about the photo above, that is yours truly hucking myself over the infamous “Cowboy Death Gap” on the old Teton Pass road back in my college days. Not sure that I would attempt this sort of thing nowadays… probably not. I want to still be riding powder when I’m an old man!

I’ll probably be out of computer contact for the rest of the week until I get internet hooked up at my pad in Teton Village. See you in Wyoming!

5 thoughts on “To Jackson Hole!

  1. Jack,

    Have a great time in Jackson…hopefully you can keep posting regularly. I know I’m not the only one looking forward to some of your winter shots!

  2. Did you make it? Ha ha.
    Love the pics man! Each new picture gets me jonesin for some powder, and makes me think about a buying split board. If only money grew on trees! Ha ha.
    Thanks for posting these and getting me ready for the winter!


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