Time to Boogie!

Ouray Concert Series - June
Chuck Prophet rocking the Ouray Concert Series

After six months of working and dreaming, it’s finally time to shut down the computer and hit the road! Where we’re going, I do not know. With much of the western US up in smoke, so are my original backpacking plans and most of my other ideas. All I know is that I need to unplug, to get away, to completely obliterate my daily routine. This will surely involve some long backpacking treks in some mountains someplace. Someplace that’s not on fire or smothered with smoke or dried to a crisp. Somewhere blue.

Updates below…

Grand Teton, Wyoming

July 7: We’ve been in Jackson, Wyoming the last several days, including a two night backpacking trip to a lesser-known lake right beneath the Grand Teton. We brought our crampons and ice axes along with big ideas to climb a nearby peak, but we ended up just lounging around like lazy marmots, laying in the sun by the lake the whole time with the spectacular views overhead. A secret campsite hidden in the shadow of an enormous boulder allowed us to sleep in until 10:00 or 11:00 each morning! (Of course I managed to crawl out of the tent for sunrise shots before hitting the sack again). Yes, I am officially relaxed now! Up next, a quick drive through Yellowstone on our way up to Montana!

Hiking to Cracker Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

July 13: A quick update from Glacier National Park, where we’ve been hiking and backpacking for the last week! We spent a night at this incredible lake above, and have been doing other day hikes on the east side of the park. Tomorrow we head out for a four nighter backpack trek! Check back at the end of the month for full trip reports from our journey…

9 thoughts on “Time to Boogie!

  1. My favorite place in the world, Ouray Colorado. Your photography really captures the real gem of the Rockies. Thank you for your amazing works of art. They take my breath away.

  2. Also I can’t go there, because it’s so far. But I’m very glad that you can bring us the beautiful scenery. It’s so beautiful and I can’t help begin to arrange my next hiking trip:) I believe many people all over the world indulge in the beauty. At last, very glad to see that you can share your personal experience with us, about trip, about photography. Jovi from China 🙂

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