A Night Above Crested Butte

Colorado,Crested Butte,tent, moonlight, Ruby Range, Elk Mountains, dusk
Winter Camp over Crested Butte

Winter camp at dusk above the town of Mount Crested Butte, with moonrise light illuminating the Ruby Range and Elk Mountains – April.

Lately I’ve been itching for a camping adventure but have been too busy to do anything too ambitious or far away. Since we live across the street from Mt. Crested Butte, yesterday I figured what the hell, I might as well just skin up the ski slopes and camp up there for a night! It wasn’t exactly a wilderness experience (I could actually see our condo down below), but it was still nice to spend a quiet evening under the moonlight gazing at the mountains.

Fiery Aspens

Colorado,Crested Butte,aspens, September
Fiery Aspens : Prints Available

Fiery reddish-orange aspens brilliantly backlit by the setting sun. Crested Butte, Colorado, September.

I had great fun yesterday with my buddy Dave Showalter tromping around in the forest searching for the craziest aspen colors we could find. We certainly found plenty!

Colorado,Crested Butte,aspens, September
Quaking Fire : Prints Available

Colorful aspens – September.