Stormy Sunset over Potosi Peak

Colorado,Potosi Peak,San Juan Mountains,Sneffels Range, sunset, Yankee Boy Basin
Potosi Autumn Sunset : Prints Available

Stormy sunset over Potosi Peak and Yankee Boy Basin – Sneffels Range, San Juan Mountains, Colorado.

This afternoon I spontaneously decided to attempt an evening hike of Mt. Sneffels. I suppose I was overly optimistic about the weather forecast because when I arrived in Yankee Boy Basin the ominous dark clouds had me scared to get out of my truck, much less hike a peak! So I sat in my truck for a few hours, enjoying the sound of the rain and the flash bangs of lightning and thunder.

Right before sunset the storm relaxed and some sunlight beamed through the clouds, illuminating the landscape with an eerie warm glow. It would have been a stunning scene to see from the summit, though probably not worth dodging lightning bolts for!

4 thoughts on “Stormy Sunset over Potosi Peak

  1. Gorgeous light, Jack! I think you made a good call about the lightning and this isn’t a bad consolation shot either. I’m ready to see some snow on those mountains!

    1. Hi Justin, yeah my “dodging lightning bolts” comment was a bit of a joke – there was no way in hell I’d even consider hiking in a lightning storm!!! Maybe in the next few days we’ll get some snow on the peaks!

  2. How’s the fall color shaping up to be out there this year, Jack? Everything seems as though it’s gonna be a bit early here in the southeast…….nice image of yours regardless of not being up on the summit- I gotta get to Mt Sneffels sometime myself though!

    1. Hi Jeremy, the fall colors are shaping up nicely again this year! With some fresh snow coating the peaks as well now. And yes, Mt. Sneffels is well worth a visit… one of my favorite peaks!

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