Springtime at Blue Lakes

Sneffels Range, San Juan Mountains, Colorado, sunset, tundra

Sneffels Range Tundra Sunset : Prints Available

The sun sets behind the Sneffels Range, as seen from the tundra near Upper Blue Lake - June. 

Claudia and I spent Thursday night up at Blue Lakes in the Sneffels Range. We enjoyed an exciting thunderstorm, followed by a windy evening, a night with an unidentified animal stalking around our tent, and finally a gorgeous clear morning. But the highlight of all – Claudia said yes and we’re engaged!!!

Blue Lake, Dallas Peak, Sneffels Range, San Juan Mountains, Colorado, panorama

Blue Lake Vertical Panorama : Prints Available

A vertical panorama of Lower Blue Lake under Dallas Peak and the Sneffels Range.
Lower Blue Lake, Sneffels Range, San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Blue and Green : Prints Available

Shore of Lower Blue Lake, Sneffels Range, June. 
Blue Lake, Sneffels Range, San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Lower Blue Lake Wideangle : Prints Available

A wide angle view of Lower Blue Lake in the Sneffels Range - June. 

20 thoughts on “Springtime at Blue Lakes

  1. Congratulations!!! What a beautiful place to get engaged. I was camping the other night by Crested Butte and a deer came and ate grass by me at 1am, dang they eat loudly! Figured whatever it was, if it ate grass, it probably didn’t want any of my meat, ahahha.

  2. Hi Jack,
    Congratulations on your engagement…..I see your site regularly and enjoy your work. I haven’t been to Ouray for a couple years and I miss it. Maybe next year. Like you I am a hiker first and photographer second, but a lot older. I also owned a software company before my retirement in 1998. Keep up the good work….jay

  3. Congratulations! What a beautiful place to ask that question.

    So will you be living in Colorado or the Alps?

    Best Wishes, Ned

  4. Beautiful as usual. When camping near Twin Lakes in the Weminuchee one night I was awaked by a “clomp” “clomp” “clomp” around the tent. At one point whatever was outside my tent was sniffing right around where my head was. You can only imagine all the creatures running through my head that night. Never did find out what it was, it eventually left.

  5. Congratulations to you both!
    May you have many more days of adventures together!
    On which of the continents do you plan to base yourself?

  6. congrats Jack! Surprised at the lack of snow when looking back at your boarding images, must have melted fast.

  7. Jack…I’ve known you your whole life, and I’m absolutely thrilled for you and Claudia. Peru…what a great choice!! I’m SO happy for you both…and of course for your folks too 🙂

  8. Congratulations to you both! I was wondering when that would happen. Blue Lakes is a beautiful spot, how romantic! I just moved to the Ouray area this year….after wishing I lived here for the last 42 years!
    I wish you and Claudia a very happy life of adventure…..and safety.
    I hope to keep seeing more fantastic nature photography.

  9. Thank you all for your comments!

    Ned & Yair – Our plan for now is to live in Ouray! But we’ll probably be spending a fair amount of time in Germany and the Alps as well…

  10. What were her options, considering the secluded place in a foreign country with unknown creatures around…? Likely you carried the car key….hm? 😉
    Now seriously, thanks for the goose bumps. How romantic. Congratulations to both of you. Wishing you many wonderful and exciting adventures together. And thanks for sharing with us….

  11. Congratulations Jack. Totally missed the proposal in my first read. Any woman that likes to camp is a keeper!

  12. Congrats again Jack and many years of happy mountain trails to you two! I dig these images, especially the lead-in and Blue and Green, the coolest take on Blue Lakes I’ve seen.

  13. A big congratulations to you Jack!!! And what a BEAUTIFUL location for it to happen. Wow.


  14. Oh yes, Blue Lakes! Use to go there quite a bit, before I got the desert bug. Loved it. Congrats, what a nice place to make a commitment like that.

    But Jack, surely you’ve heard of the Blue Lakes Bigfoot? It usually leaves a handful of colorful pebbles by your tent door. It only visits happy camps.

  15. Hi Jack, I was just thinking about you this morning so checked out your site. Congratulations! Hope to see you in Engelberg again this winter. Kevin

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