Spring in the Tetons

I am currently in Jackson, Wyoming, where I have been hiking and riding some epic lines in the Tetons. The Tetons provide massive vertical relief, and the snow this season extends all the way to the base of the mountains. The weather has been perfect so far, with warm sunny days and cold nights, making for some nice smooth spring corn snow conditions.

My friend Jason and I have been riding big mountains for the last three days in a row. The first two days were 4,000+ vertical foot descents with quick access from the truck. Yesterday, despite being pretty worked from the first two days, we made a big expedition to Mt. Moran, where we rode down an obscure 5,000 foot couloir.

We’ll rest for today and tomorrow while the weather is a bit unsettled, then the forecast looks good for more adventures later in the week. Once I get back home later in the month I’ll post a bunch of photos from the hikes and descents in these burly peaks.

9 thoughts on “Spring in the Tetons

  1. Jack,

    Come on! No pictures…don’t just give us a verbal teaser! In all seriousness, it sounds like you’re having an epic time. Enjoy and I’ll be patient because I know your pictures will be fantastic. So, what’s the word on the dust up there? Hopefully you have pristine white conditions.

  2. Arghh! You’re killing me! Seriously – I’m glad you’re having a good time and can’t wait to read the reports (with photos).

  3. Jack
    This time of year in the Tetons must be a blast. Enjoy !…and bring back some spectacular pictures.

  4. Hey Jack,

    How was the skillet looking? And the snow on Mt Moran? Im heading up tonight and going to hit the skillet on sunday morning. Hopefully it will be nice supportable bootpacking to the summit? Any afternoon sloughing going on? How low is the snowline?

    Thanks man, and have fun ripping the Tetons, cant wait to see your photos!

  5. Dude, How many verts must you have by now? Can you believe people use helicopters when they could just climb up?

    We need pictures of your endless winter!

  6. Hi Jack! I just met you about an hour ago at the Cadillac….and I said I would check out your site. You work is amazing! You should spend more time in the Tetons, you could get some great shots!!! Let me know when you are back in town, I would love to hang. Take care!

  7. As usual, superb photos, looks like an AWESOME time, and it’s great to hear you had a fantastic time. THANKS!!

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