Something New

Snowkiting in Colorado
Aimee making snowkiting look easy.

On Saturday I tried snowkiting for the first time! Notice I said “tried”. I more or less got my ass handed to me! My friends were ripping it up though… I can see how this sport could get addicting. I can’t say I got the hang of it yet, but I was on the verge of the cusp of starting to ride a little bit with the little trainer kite. Then I tried the 9 meter kite and almost got blown to the Front Range. I need a massage. And more practice.

Snowkiting in Colorado
Matt getting gnarly!

2 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Looks Awesome mate!
    I tried Kite surfing recently, cool sport but you could get hurt quite badly..It’s also very weather dependent (at least on MY part of the world).
    Keep practicing and watch for the cliffs!

  2. Cool! Chad and I have been out with our kites lately too. It’s alot of fun when the winds are right, which I have learned doesn’t happen very often in our part of Colorado. Either too light or gusty. I seem to be either going at Mach speed or not at all 🙂

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