Snow at Last

McMillan Cabins, San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Last week a series of storms dumped a much-needed 2-4 feet of snow in the San Juans! On Monday we enjoyed a day of knee-to-waist-deep snow at Durango Mountain ski area. On Thursday the storm broke and Claudia and I went up to the pass for a couple laps under the gorgeous bluebird sky.

Skinning in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Unfortunately the avy danger is still so bad that we can’t really do much with all that fresh powder… We’re still sticking to the low angle safer stuff for now.

8 thoughts on “Snow at Last

  1. Wow! Stunning shots, Jack. Man, that deep snow really adds a whole different beauty to the mountains. We’re officially moving back to Colorado Springs next weekend. I can’t wait to be back in the Rocky Mountains!

  2. I’d been wondering what you’d been up to recently. There was a lot of activity last weekend that had me worried. Glad to hear you’re playing it safe.

    1. Hi Rajeev, I’ve actually been getting out on the splitboard quite a bit this week! It’s been great… In a few days I’ll post a photo dump of all the ski shots. And yes, I’ve also been slaving away at the computer as well, as usual! 😉

  3. Gorgeous shots. What cabins are those?

    Thanks for the blog and the amazing art. You’re a real inspiration to this amateur photographer.

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