Smoky Ski

Skiing in forest fire smoke - San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Went up for a little ski tour this morning above Ouray, and was surprised to find the mountains choked with forest fire smoke (on an otherwise blue sky day). A quick Google news search shows that a wildfire is raging in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona, which must be where all the smoke blew in from.

Dog on summit

A rare indigenous San Juan alpine wolf.

9 thoughts on “Smoky Ski

  1. Thanks for the post. I just thought it was haze, but I think you are right about it being smoke. It sort of killed my photo plans for tonight. Love the wolf!

      1. It’s nice not to see the red dust so prevalent the last couple years. I wonder what harm, if any, the smoke does to the snowpack?

        1. Yeah, there’s a bit of dust in the snowpack, but it’s not too bad, and definitely nothing like the last several years. I doubt that the smoke will have any effect on the snowpack.

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