Skiing the Raggeds

On Sunday we skied/rode a great line in the Ragged Mountains of Colorado. This line provided a healthy 4,000+ vertical feet of skiing/snowboarding, from the summit to the road.
Many of these photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Springtime snow hiking
Hiking to the summit, which a big Elk Range backdrop.

Hiking with Skis
Scott McCurdy hiking up the final push to the summit.

Summit portrait
On the summit! We were amazed to see some ski tracks coming down the cliff-laden face of Chair Mountain (in the background). Hardcore!

Skiing down
Ann Driggers drops in from the summit ridge. You can see our 4,000 foot run below.

Skiing in the Raggeds
Seth Anderson skis from the summit, with an Elk Range vista behind. The top section was pretty dicey, with hard, hacked-up snow.

Ski cruising
The entire mid-section of this line was gentle rolling terrain with perfect spring corn snow. Ideal conditions for big cruisey high speed turns.

The Line
And here’s looking back at the mountain we skiied/rode. What a line!

P.S. – The day before this hike, I was in Carbondale and had the most delicious carne asada burrito in memory, from Las Rocas tortilleria/carniceria. Mmmm… my stomach is growling just thinking about it. It was so good I even felt compelled to tell you about it here on my blog!