Second Ride

Skiing in Colorado in October

Went for another early morning ski/ride today; same place as yesterday but a slightly different line. There was a bit more snow and even better powder conditions today! It was also even more brutally cold and windy today, especially up top.

Skiing in Colorado in October

Skier: Jeff Skoloda. Notice the howling wind and blowing snow up on the ridge.

4 thoughts on “Second Ride

  1. Wow!! You probably thought you’d have to wait until you move to Jackson Hole for enough snow to ski or board. I guess this early snow makes up for the dust storms and fast melting in the spring.

  2. Lisa, funny you say that because we can ALREADY see a dust layer in the snow! It’s relentless. Luckily it doesn’t really have any noticeable effect on the snow at this point.

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