Powder Plunder

Tele Tubby

Skier: Pete Harris. Today I traded my Thursday for my Saturday (one of the perks of running my own business), and met up with my GJ ski buddies to harvest more of the recent powder. I took them to my favorite mountain, and we plucked a couple more fresh chutes.

Skier: Ann Driggers

Snowboarder: me. Photo by Ann Driggers.

I brought my helmet cam again, but the damn thing crapped out before I even dropped in. I’m about to toss it off a cliff, as it’s rarely proven itself to be more than a paperweight. I think so far it has worked properly about 2 out of 6 attempts, or less. It just can’t hang with the cold temperatures. Oh well… maybe next time…

3 thoughts on “Powder Plunder

  1. Hi Jack,
    Really enjoying all of your riding shots, am injured this winter and cannot ski. Keep them coming!! 🙂

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