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You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while; that’s because I haven’t been doing much recently – at least in the mountains. I’ve mostly been busy at the computer for the last few weeks, trying to plow through an intense list of projects before I move up to Jackson Hole for the winter. That’s right, in late November I’m moving up to Jackson Hole for 5 months! I’ll still be working from home up there, but I look forward to LOTS of snowboarding and generally having a good time. Oh, and maybe I’ll get out to take some photos too at some point!

In the meantime, check out my interview on

4 thoughts on “PhotoBards Interview

  1. Cool! Looks like I’m scheduled to do a ton of work around Cheyenne and Casper this November/December, maybe we can meet up somewhere in between for a hike/photo shoot while I’m up there. Never been to Wind River area so I’m eyeing that since it’s not too far. Also I might be going down to the Dunes in a few weeks to shoot Zapata and just roam the dunes for a bit. I kind of suck at keeping up with people but if you’re around and want to do something give me a shout. If not, see ya in the spring 🙂

  2. Fantastic interview, Jack. I hit the Facebook link at the bottom of the article and encouraged my FB friends to read the article and view your fantastic photography. I picked one of my favorites from Norway for the thumbnail. And by the way, I hope you have a fantastic time in Jackson Hole. Your mom had mentioned it and I have been watching your blog to see when you would share the info. Hopefully you will make some good friends there!!

  3. A very nice interview, Jack! I think they did a good job of asking the right questions about your unique backcountry approach – it’s great to see you getting props for not only your outstanding work, but the athletic aspect as well. Congrats!

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